Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently

November... it's hard to believe that the first day of school, the first quarter, and parent/teacher conferences have come and gone. We are a mere 12 school days away from Thanksgiving break and only 40 shopping days left until Christmas *mind blown*. When I was a kid I remember how long school years seemed to last, and now 6 and over a quarter of them have flown by with me in the driver's seat! To celebrate November, I'm linking up with Farley's famous Currently!

It's been a mostly lazy weekend.  We went to see Wreck-It-Ralph on Friday.  It was really good.  I even teared up a couple of times.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys video game, as there are a lot of references to beloved games from 80s & 90s childhoods.  The message is great too.  Yesterday, I had a workshop in Whole Brain Teaching with Chris Biffle... yes, THE Chris Biffle.  He is so energetic!  I was almost scared of him.  I like his stuff, I plan to implement it with more fidelity now that I've been more officially trained.  Last night was a pizza-delivery-sit-on-the-couch-watch-four-hours-of-Downton-Abbey kind of night.  It was glorious.  I must stay Episode 5 of Season 3 made my jaw drop.  Today we continued taking it easy while doing our weekly grocery shopping (bleh) and then celebrating my step-grandpa's 83rd birthday.  Now, we're just sitting back enjoying the fleeting hours of a relaxing weekend.

While I still don't understand that necessity of Daylight Saving Time as a mostly non-agrarian society, I sure do appreciate the extra hour of sleep it brings me in the fall.  Though I dread that time in the spring when it will be stolen back!

Thinking & wanting kind of go together.  Realizing that Thanksgiving is so close really makes my sense of urgency to get Christmas shopping done sooner exponentially increase.  I really dislike trying to navigate retail stores once Black Friday arrives.  If I want to shop in-store all of that must happen before November 20.  After that, it's just useless so I go online instead.  This year, we are taking a vacation from December 20 through Christmas Eve, so no last minute for me either.  Better start thinking...

Two of my grade-level partners are down-and-out this weekend.  They will have subs tomorrow, and I have a half-day work day at our admin building.  I can only imagine how that's going to go 3/4 classrooms with a sub... Praying that Tuesdays returns us to normality.  Praying that we all stay healthy after this too!  It's hard enough to prepare for a sub, let alone when you feel icky.

In my classroom, I turn to Pandora for music.  Despite the annoying ads, I like the endless options.  We listen to Disney radio and the kids love guessing the movie each song is from.  I love exposing them to songs from classic Disney as well.  Javiar Colon radio is great for mellow tunes.  And of course there's the annoying upbeat Kidz Bop that the kids love so much.

If you'd like to join Farley's linky party, you can find it here.  Be sure to observe the rules!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least...don't forget to vote on Tuesday!  Exercise your right and responsibility!  :-)


  1. found your blog on the link up!
    Newest follower!!
    Hope that you stay very healthy and that you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!! thank goodness its coming up!!

    Jessica @

  2. I found you through the currently linky. I love getting that extra hour sleep tonight but when it switches back I always wish it didn't change. Stay healthy!

    Surfing to Success