Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Update

Changes, changes.  This year has been yet another roller coaster!  It's been an enjoyable year spent teaching the fifth grade, but changes are coming.  This time, I am making the change!  I've accepted a position within my district as a 21st Century Learning Coach.  I will be helping with the implementation of 1:1 iPads with our 8th graders.  I have struggled with moving out of the classroom, and I know I will miss my 5th graders, but  I cannot wait to be back in a middle school setting and to work with some of my former students again as well as some great teachers.

I also cannot wait to begin turning this blog towards a technology focus.  This summer I will be presenting at a few technology conferences (OERI a local technology conference here in the Ozarks & ISTE in San Antonio).  I will be presenting on the Flipped Classroom, and can't wait to share my resources with you.  I will also be sending in proposals to METC & FETC.  I hope to start meeting some of the great bloggers I've been following for months/years now.

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  1. I am eager to hear your about your changing. My first love is technology and I try to implement it every way I drawback- one computer lab and we're not 1:1 yet.